• Question: Do you have to go to a special college to be an engineer?

    Asked by stannes18 to Sarah, Jeffrey, Frederik, Conor on 9 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Sarah Doran

      Sarah Doran answered on 9 Mar 2016:

      Most colleges have engineering courses so you should have many to choose from

    • Photo: Jeffrey Roe

      Jeffrey Roe answered on 10 Mar 2016:

      Yes the college of being awesome. Ha,
      Most big colleges offer engineering. Some even offer what is known as common entry. That means you do all types of engineering and then pick which type is for you after a year.

    • Photo: Conor McGinn

      Conor McGinn answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      No not really – as the other have suggested. Most Universities and ITs offer general entry-level courses in Engineering. However if you want to do something that is highly specialised, for example aeronautical engineering, then you usually need to find a specialist place to study. This is less common for bachelor/undergraduate degrees but more common for Masters-level courses.
      Also while many colleges offer engineering courses, that does not mean that they are all equal. Unlike the Junior and Leaving Cert, College exams are not common across all colleges. So if you choose to study engineering take care to ensure that the course meets your interests and you are happy that it is being taught to a high standard. Perhaps look up where the university is ranked and how graduates of the course are perceived by companies?