• Question: were you a bright child/teen in class

    Asked by 643cdge52 to Conor, Frederik, Ilaria, Jeffrey, Sarah on 1 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Sarah Doran

      Sarah Doran answered on 1 Mar 2016:

      I think I was pretty bright when it came to understanding subjects in school. I found it really easy up to junior cert but I had to work much harder for leaving cert. I struggled with subjects I wasn’t as interested in but the work pays off once you get into a college course you like!

    • Photo: Conor McGinn

      Conor McGinn answered on 2 Mar 2016:

      I did ok in exams. I always worked hard and I never really struggled with anything. Would never have been top-of-class though.
      Hard work and determination is everything in everything.

    • Photo: Jeffrey Roe

      Jeffrey Roe answered on 2 Mar 2016:

      Hey 643cdge52,

      I was in the lowest class in my class. Up to Junior cert I did really badly across the board. I never got to pick my subjects before going into 1st year, but when 5th year came around and I could pick the ones I wanted to do I found myself doing much better.

    • Photo: Ilaria Cinelli

      Ilaria Cinelli answered on 2 Mar 2016:

      I was good in school but not in everything. I did not like a few topics and I lost the attention very quickly that is why I was ok on the average! I spent all the time studying additional material of maths and physics neglecting other important topics.

    • Photo: Frederik Gossen

      Frederik Gossen answered on 9 Mar 2016:

      I think I was one. You don’t need to be the brightest one in every subject to become an engineer. I would say you should be somewhat interested in maths and/or physics.